Start big – think small.. or was it THINK BIG start small?

Back in October last year, i attended a conference in Aarhus, hosted by AIESEC Denmark. It was a really motivating conference, and Sunday morning – after two days of sessions and partying, Google had a presentation. Probably with the aim of harvesting new applicants for their summer internship program, and i believe they succeeded. The main thing i remember from that presentation – and conference actually, was ”The eight pillars of innovation” by Susan Wojcicki. After being introduced to these, i kept referring to them in daily use – and i still do. The Eight Pillars of Innovation:

  1. Have a mission that matters
  2. Think Big, but start small
  3. strive for continual innovation, not instant perfection
  4. Look for ideas everywhere
  5. Share everything
  6. Spark with imagination, fuel with data
  7. Be a platform
  8. Never fail to fail 
#2 was the inspiration for this blog, having so many visions an ideas leads to #6 which leads to #8 – and this can continue throughout all 8.
The chair at the conference talked about a 30 day challenge, which he accomplished and turned into a 1000 day challenge – Google and the Chair combined made me think even more about what I strive for. And with this being said, I have just challenged myself – not to a 30 day challenge, but rather a ”30” challenge.
I would like to improve my English since it is my 4th language. Also, improving my creative writing and style. I read somewhere that blogging was like yelling in a bucket, only you can hear yourself. I found it a bit ironic to actually start this if only I will read it, but as i started writing, it made me feel calm to think of it this way.
I know what I am striving for, I am still working on how to get there – and even though this is just a small step – it is in the right direction.

If it caught your attention, you can read the full article by Susan Wojcicki here: And the link to the chair’s blog challenge: //M